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Dr. Rose considers personal recommendations from satisfied patients to be the best way to let people know about the services we offer, and we would be most pleased if you would take a few minutes to share your experience with Dr. Franklin Rose & Utopia Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Houston Texas

dr franklin rose reviews

Best Plastic Surgeon in Houston

I came to see Dr. Rose last week for a breast augmentation procedure. The staff and meeting about everything made me feel super comfortable and I couldn’t wait for the op. When I took the bandages off the next day I was pleasantly surprised. I plan on other procedures in my near future and I will definitely see Dr. Rose again.


Guest says: 

Bikini Body Ready!

I got liposuction by Dr. Rose 3 months ago. I love my results! So far I have lost 15 lbs. without even having to exercise. I can’t wait to buy a new bikini and show off my new and improved body!!!!

A Wonderful Doctor!!!!!!

I went to see Dr. Rose for a tummy tuck after having my three beautiful children. I was really nervous but his staff talked me through the whole process. I am so excited that I have my old body back and I can’t tell you how amazing I look and feel in a bikini. My husband has noticed a significant difference in the way I hold myself and the way I feel about my body, which is not a bad thing at all! Love love love Dr. Rose! Best surgeon ever!


Lauren says: Jul 24th, 2009

I went in to see Dr. Rose after speaking with another one of his previous patients who was incredibly pleased with her results. She also had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Rose, and I believe her exact wording was, “The procedure changed my life. Dr. Rose is a miracle worker!” After hearing this, I had to speak with him. I was very scared to have the procedure done because I am only 19 years old. However, my breast size was a 36EEE, and I couldn’t live with such large breasts any longer.

When I went to see him, he and his staff (especially Pam) were incredibly kind and professional. I decided he was definitely the best surgeon for me. The procedure was very quick and easy, and Dr. Rose put my nervous parents at ease. I woke up with very little pain and was able to return home after just a couple of hours. Dr. Rose gave me very easy instructions to follow at home, and within 3 days I felt pretty much back to normal.

Now that the full recovery period has passed, my breasts are now a perfect, full and perky set of 36Cs!! My scars are healing very nicely and will soon turn to fine pencil line marks. My friend was right… Dr. Rose is a miracle worker. My results are better than I had ever imagined, and I feel more than comfortable anytime I go into his office.

If I ever decide to have anything else done in the future, I will definitely go to Dr. Rose. I recommend him to anyone who is thinking of having work done (especially breast work). If you have any questions or are nervous, he does complimentary consultations. Believe me, getting to meet Dr. Rose and his staff will show you that he is definitely the best choice. Amazing Work, Couldn’t Be Happier!!  All I have left to say is THANK YOU DR. ROSE!!!

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